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Standard Covers

The Standard PopupGizmos Solar Covers has set the bench mark for solar bunk covers over 15 years ago. They remain very popular with thousands of sets in service.

Attachment is achieved by clamping down the sides of the bunks and on the ends of the bunks. In light to moderate wind, up to 10 MPH, these covers do well staying in place. Performance can be influenced by location of camper and orientation to wind. Ample clamps are provided which allows the user to place additional clamps on the covers should wind conditions require this. Get the same heat reflecting abilities as our other models at a budget price.

Add the optional Velcro to allow the cover to attach under the lid of the camper for only $5.00 per cover.

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Standard PUGs
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Standard PUGs
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Standard PUGs on Hybrid
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Standard PUGs on Hybrid
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Standard PUGs on Hybrid

Ordering Options

 Select the Standard Cover best suited for your camper.

Standard - Single Bunk Cover $ 39.95  
Standard - Two Bunk Covers $ 79.95  
Standard - Three Bunk Covers (Hybrid) $ 99.95  
Pop Up Dinette Slide Out (Standard) $ 20.00  
Add Velcro© attachment strip to all covers
Hook Velcro© Not Included
$ 5.00 per cover (soft-side only)
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