How to Measure Your Bunkend Canvas

All measurements must be taken with your camper raised and the bunkends fully set-up. With your bunkends fully set up, including having the top canvas support pole in place if this is a part of your camper, take the following measurements:

1. Side to Side:

On the outside of your bunkend top, measure along the line as shown going from the seam welt on one side (where the top canvas attaches to the side canvas) to the seam welt on the opposite side.

2. Front to Back:

On the outside of your bunkend top, measure along the line shown from where the canvas meets bottom edge of your camper's roof to where the top canvas meets the top of the metal bow that holds the canvas up at the end of the bunkend.

3. Slide-Out:

Measure your dinette slide-out canvas top in the same manner as described above for the bunkends.

When producing your covers, a size allowance will be made to insure a good fit. As a result, please do not "fudge" your measurements by recording them longer or shorter than they actually are.

4. Lastly:

Add these measurements to your order at checkout.

5. Need Help:

If you have any questions or concerns about measuring, please contact us for assistance.