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Introducing the PopupGizmos Interior Bunkliner kit a simple to use, quick to install and very effective way to significantly improve the warmth inside you camper's bunks and the entire camper interior. Additionally, the kit will stop you from feeling the heat sapping effect of wind inside the bunk area. Simply put, these liners provide an effective and economically priced method to keep you and your family significantly warmer during winter camping.

The liners are made over sized for the bunk. They can be used as they come right out of the box by folding under any excess when installing. However, if you want a more perfect look when installed, you can trim the liners with scissors so they fit to your liking. The material will never unravel so no harm from trimming will occur. The liners do not have binding on them since this is not needed in this application.

What our liner does that you will actually feel: You will feel the heat being maintained in the bunkend from the heat you are generating inside the camper. When we tested the liner last winter with outside temps below 27 degrees, we were able to maintain 65 degrees in the center portion of a 12 foot box camper with two king size bunks. Two ceramic heaters provided the heat source. Bunks temps were maintained at 62 degrees. When we kicked in a 16K BTU furnace, inside temps could be held at basically anything we wanted...we turned off the furnace when inside temps hit 75 degrees with the bunk temps at 73 degrees.

How do the liners install:

The liner comes as a one piece unit...large enough to go around the entire perimeter sides and end of the bunks.

At the rear bunk panel, the liner is wedged between the top canvas and the U shaped metal bow that holds the bunk canvas up. Just tuck the liner under the bow at the corners.

Then, the liner sides are spread out in the direction of the center of the camper.

At the point where the liner reaches the end of the bunk (where the camper roof and bunk meet), use the provided two inch clamps to hold the liner to the edge of the roof.

There are several options for clamping at the point where the liner ends at the doesn't take much to hold the liner at this position.

After making these attachments, the bottom edge of the liner is tucked under the edges of the bunk mattress further reducing any air flow that might creep in at the bottom edge of the bunkend canvas.

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Interior Bunkliner (Single Liner) $ 34.95  
Interior Bunkliners (Set of Two (2)) $ 69.95  
Interior Bunkliners (Set of Two (3)) $ 104.95