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Check out this latest video on installing our Super High Wind Covers on a hybrid by Bob Dawson of RV-Smart.com. Click Here for Video

What Are PopupGizmos...

PopupGizmos are bunkend covers designed for PopUp/Folding Tent Campers and Hybrid Campers. Placed over the top of the bunkends, our design reflects Sunlight to lower interior tempters during the Summer and helps to prevent heat lose in the Winter.

PopupGizmos also help to protect your bunkend tops from the elements.

Easy to install, PopupGizmos come in three different versions and are custom made to fit your model camper.

What our customers say...

Trailer Life Staff Pick... Besides keeping our hybrid trailer warmer on a trip with overnight lows in the 30s last winter, the covers kept us from waking up to condensation on the overhead canvas. As a bonus, they also protect the canvas from dirt, sap and bird droppings,

— Bob Dawson, Trailer Life Production Director