Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What's the difference between the versions of PopupGizmos?

A: The only difference (besides price) is how they attach to the bunkend and how much wind they can handle, The material is the same so the benefits are the same.

  • Standard High Wind Covers - Attach using a combination of bungee cord on leading edge and clamps (not included) along the sides
  • Super High Wind Covers - Attach using bungee cord which essentially wraps around the bunkend in several places (included)

Q: Are the Super High Wind Covers made from a thicker material?

A: No. All versions of the PopupGizmos, the Solar Bunkliner, and the Cooler Cover are made from the same material. There is no material gauge difference.

Q: What is the shipping costs?

A: All orders are shipping via UPS or U.S. Postal Service.

  • U.S. Orders
    • $ 14.95 (Standard High Wind Covers)
    • $ 19.95 (Super High Wind Covers)
    • $ 19.95 (Custom Covers)
    • $ 16.95 (Bunkliners)
    • $ 8.95 (Cooler Covers)
  • Canadian Orders
    • $ 49.95 (Standard High Wind Covers)
    • $ 49.95 (Super High Wind Covers)
    • $ 49.95 (Custom Covers)
    • $ 49.95 (Bunkliners)
    • $ 19.95 (Cooler Covers)
    All pricing U.S. Currency.

    Shipping is adjusted for multiple item orders.

    Q: Are both sides of the Velcro© included with my covers? ONLY THE SOFT SIDE IS INCLUDED. THE HOOK SIDE IS NOT INCLUDED.

    A: Velcro© is an add-on feature on all covers and costs $5.00 per cover.

    The Velcro© that is optionally sewn onto our covers is the "loop" side, also known as the "fuzzy" side. We DO NOT provide the "hook" side of the Velcro©. This may be purchased separately at most hardware stores.

    We suggest purchasing either 1" width which is all you need or 2" width that you can cut into 1" width. Get Velcro Brand Industrial Strength Velcro.

    Q: I don't see my model camper in your list. What do I do?

    A: You can enter the year, male and model and we'll take it from there. Or, you can add the needed measurements to your order if you have taken the measurements. This link will take you to the measuring instructions.

    How to measure for your PopupGizmos

    Q: I have a Motorcycle Tent Trailer, can you make a cover for it?

    A: We can make custom covers for many things using our Super High Wind design as a base. Contact us for more info. Check out some of our past creations.

    Q: Do you charge sales tax?

    A: Currently, state sales tax is charged for in-state Texas orders.

    Q: Will the covers help to control condensation on the top canvas?

    A: Yes, the covers will significantly reduce condensation issues. This is especially important for hybrid campers.

    Q: I've read on forums that the silver side should be turned down in cold weather. Is this correct?

    A: NO!!! The silver side needs to face out year round. In the summer the silver reflects sun light making your bunks cooler. In cold weather with the silver facing out the covers stop heat loss from inside your trailer and control condensation. Silver out always.

    Q: I have a seasonal campsite and I leave my trailer set up all summer. Can I use the covers on a 24/7/365 basis all summer?

    A: NO!!!!!!! The covers are not intended to be used 24/7/365.

    Q: Do Canadian orders have to pay duties or taxes?

    A: Possibly. UPS/USPS randomly select shipments to inspect. When this happens duties may be charged. We have no control over who will be charged duties. We do not collect duties nor are any duties included with the $49.95 shipping fee to Canada. The average amount of import duties and fees charged is $40.00 according to our customers.

    Q: How should I store my covers?

    A: We recommend removing the covers from your trailer for long term storage, especially during winter months. In winter the covers should be kept inside your home, not left in your camper. During camping season it is ok to leave the covers on when closing up your trailer.