Installation Tips and Photos...



Photo 1: Partially raise your roof. 

Clamp the Solar cover to the bunkend 

canvas at the top corners, one clamp 

at each side. Position the cover about 

2 inches inside the bottom edge of the

 roof. When clamping the cover in this

step, pull the cover snug enough from 

side to side so that it does not

sag in the middle. When you fully set-up

the bunkend, the cover will be "pinched" 

between the canvas and the roof. This

will aid in securing the cover to the



Photo 2: After clamping on a Solar 

Cover to each bunkend, finish raising 

your camper's roof.


Photo 3.After raising the roof all the 

way up, pull out the bunkends and set 

up the bunkend canvas like you normally

would. The Solar Cover will simply

raise up with the bunkend canvas, laying

on top of it.


Photo 4. After raising the bunkend canvas, 

finish clamping the Solar Cover to the 

bunkend seams. Note the clamp position

shown here.


Photo 5. Shown here is the positioning 

of the clamps when installed. Note how 

much of the Solar Cover is wrapped 

around the bunkend seam. Clamps 

should be evenly spaced down the sides.



Install 12 clamps on each bunkend, 

4 clamps on each side and 4 clamps 

on the end.



This method of installation can be

performed by one person. While your 

installation time may vary, when we

timed this method, it consistently

added about 7-10 minutes to the total

set up time of the camper.

Your should refer to the installation notes

sent with your Solar Covers for additional

tips on installing the covers.


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