Ice Chest/Cooler Cover





Increases the life span of cooler ice

Durable, washable and easy to use

Will pay for itself; you will spend less on purchasing ice

Several stock sizes available.

Will accommodate coolers with wheels and/or extending handles.




Do your share to preserve your world.







The PopupGizmos Cooler Cover

Our solution to global ice warming....

Ever have to drive into town from you campsite to buy more ice? Maybe two, even three times on those hot summer weekends? Reduce your drive time with the new PopupGizmos Cooler Cover. The Cooler Cover, we've nick named it the CC, is an effective way to increase the performance of your cooler.

The CC is most effective in situations where you cooler must sit in full sun exposure. By reflecting the sun’s radiant heat, the CC will measurably increase the life span of ice in your cooler. Other factors can greatly influence how long you cooler will maintain ice; most notable is how often the cooler is opened. Regardless of the numerous factors which influence your cooler’s effectiveness, using the CC will improve overall cooler performance.

Save your drive time and your ice with the PopupGizmos Cooler Cover.

TGCC-45-55. Fits 45-55 quart coolers. Dimensions are 26 x 14 x 13. $15.95

TGCC-65. Fits 62-65 quart coolers. Dimensions are 34 x 20 x 16. $19.95

TGCC-120. Fits 120 quart coolers. Dimensions are 38 x 18 x 17. $24.95

TGCC-165. Fits 150-165 quart coolers. Dimensions are 44 x 21 x 20. $29.95

Shipping any single cooler cover in US: $6.95. Shipping for multiple cooler cover orders, call for quote.

We can make any size cooler cover you need. Call for custom pricing.

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