Custom Solar Bunkend Covers For All Folding

              Popup & Hybrid Camping Trailers



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Jimmy Lott, Standard Hybrid Covers. Click photo to enlarge

"We went to Charleston, SC James Island County Park this past July.  Everyday 100 plus degrees.  Ordered Gizmo's especially for this trip.  They worked great!  One end of the camper was in direct sunlight and what a difference they made.  I use them every trip.  They really protect my bunkends from tree sap and bird droppings.  Well worth the money!"

-Jimmy Lott
Haw River, NC



Niki Coffen's  Popup w/High wind Covers  on Padre Island, Texas. Click photo to enlarge

What an invention!!!! It worked out wonderful. We went to North Padre Island.... We got the high wind covers. We had a very bad storm come through and the winds at peak were probably around 60-65 mph. The covers held on long enough for us to pull them off, rather than blowing off. Those clips are very strong! We are EXTREMELY PLEASED with everything….The covers kept the camper MUCH cooler. Everything worked as expected!!!!! Thank You sooooo much for everything!!!

-Niki Coffen,                         North Padre Island, Texas




    Nick Gatel, HW Covers, at Joshua Tree State Park, CA. Click photo to enlarge.

"I do a lot of desert camping where sun and wind are elements to contend with. PopupGizmos help keep my camper cool during the day, and the optional High Wind Bungee system keeps them secure in the wind. Even when I am forced to retract my awning in high wind conditions, the PopupGizmos stay on the bunk end covers. Lastly, the customer service is great. This product and service rate an A+ on my report card!"

- Nick Gatel
  Palm Springs, CA













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We manufacture the PopupGizmos Solar Covers to fit YOUR trailer. We have over 2000 makes and models of popup and hybrid trailer bunkend sizes on file. Check our current list of bunk cover sizes for your trailer. Please note: The current list of trailers on file page is not our full list of trailers. If you do not see your trailer listed, call or email us to see if we have your trailer in our off-line data base.

If we do not have your trailer's measurements on file, simply supply your measurements with your order. It's easy to do...see the How to measure page for details.

Summer Benefits:

  • Significantly reduces inside bunkend temperatures resulting in cooler overall interior camper temperatures.

  • Rugged, multi-layered construction will give many seasons of service.

  • Folds up small for easy storage.

  • Significantly helps your air conditioner to cool more effectively.

  • Easy to install and remove.

  • Protects your canvas from the Sun's damaging effects. 

  • Protects against bird droppings and tree sap.

  • Waterproof, completely washable.

Cool weather and winter Benefits:

  • Will reduce interior heat loss through the top canvas of the bunkends.

  • Will reduce interior condensation build up.

With proper care and maintenance, your set of PopupGizmos Solar Covers will provide you with several years of service. Please note: Extended periods of continuous, uninterrupted 24/7/365 use of PopupGizmos Covers is not recommended. 


Three PopupGizmos styles to choose from...

The Super High Wind Series (SHWS) Covers, 25 MPH+ winds speed capacity.

A strategically placed 5 bungee cord system holds the new SHWS covers securely to you bunkends. Installation is fast and easy. "Ballooning" is significantly reduced by the bungees that transverse the entire width of the cover. This design also greatly reduces the stress to the solar material that high wind conditions can create. And they look great installed on your trailer.

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The Original High Wind Option Solar Covers, 14-15 MPH wind speed base line. Performance can be influenced by location of trailer and orientation to wind.

PopupGizmos Original High Wind Option Attachment System

Our original High Wind Option (HW) Solar Covers provide an effective installation system, offering improved high wind holding power. The covers are clamped along the side seams of the top and side canvases. On the end of the bunk a sewn in bungee cord provides the attachment. The bungees extend from the corners of the cover and are hooked under the bunk deck to a convenient location.

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The Standard PopupGizmos Solar Covers. 10-12 MPH wind speed base line. Performance can be influenced by location of trailer and orientation to wind.

Economically priced with the same heat reflecting abilities


Standard PopupGizmos Solar Covers

The standard PopupGizmos Solar Covers set the bench mark for solar bunk covers over 15 years ago. They remain very popular with thousands of sets in service. Attachment is achieved by clamping down the sides of the bunks and on the ends of the bunks. In light to moderate wind of 10-12 MPH these covers do well staying in place. Ample clamps are provided which allows the user to place additional clamps on the covers should wind conditions require this. Get the same heat reflecting abilities as our other models at a budget price.

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