Solar Ice Chest Cover

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"We used the test sample ice chest cover on our boat while fishing. It's always been a problem for the ice to hold up after a full day of fishing. With the cover, we had almost as much ice left at the end of the day as when we started out that morning. Man, what a difference. Wish I'd had one of these years ago. Thanks for sending us one to test out."

-Steve Mahoney



Do your share to preserve your world.



TGCC-45-55. Fits 45-55 quart coolers. Dimensions are 26 x 14 x 13. $15.95

TGCC-65. Fits 62-65 quart coolers. Dimensions are 34 x 20 x 16. $19.95

TGCC-120. Fits 120 quart coolers. Dimensions are 38 x 18 x 17. $24.95

TGCC-165. Fits 150-165 quart coolers. Dimensions are 44 x 21 x 20. $29.95

Shipping any single cooler cover in US: $6.95. Shipping for multiple cooler cover orders, call for quote.

We can make any size cooler cover you need. Call for custom pricing.

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