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Solar Bunkend Covers

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  Medium Gizmo Bag...16 X16 inches, 2 inches deep.

                   Small Gizmo Bag...12 X 12 inches, 2 inches deep

Introducing the PopupGizmos Gizmo Bags...tote bags for just about any storage or tote use you can think of...tools, tacky lights, bath towels, sheets, magazines and more. You can even store your PopupGizmos Bunkend Covers in them. Made of 10 oz, ultra heavy, acrylic coated canvas. This material is so strong it has a 5 year rating for outside exposure...you'll never wear one out.

Three sizes available:

12" X 12" X 2"...$6.95

16" X 16" X 2"...$8.95 

Jumbo 20" X 20" X 2"...$10.95

Can be ordered separately or combined with any other order to save on shipping.

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