Garage Sale covers...

All covers are new, first run quality unless otherwise noted.

To see if one (or more) of the listed covers will fit your trailer, check the "Measurements

On File" page to see if we list your trailer. If yes, then contact us and we will cross

reference the garage sale list to see if we can match up any covers to your trailer.

If we don't list your trailer, you will need to measure your bunkends. See the "How to

measure" page for details on what we need. Order via credit card over the

phone (972-849-9240).

All  covers are first come, first serve and will go out to the first received order unless

we have put a hold on them for you. Clamps are available for $2.50 a ten count pack.

These are one of a kind covers, we do not make duplicates at the garage sale pricing.

Questions? Email sales@telegizmos.com   for answers


Key: SHW (Super High Wind Option), HW (Original High Wind), ST (Standard, non High Wind).


Standard Covers (no HW, no SHW)

Call   972-849-9240

High Wind Covers, singles

Call  972-849-9240

Super High Wind Covers, singles

 Call  972-849-9240