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The Super High Wind Series Covers. Our best cover system. Wind capacity in excess of 25 MPH. $84.95 for a single cover, $159.95 for a two cover set, $184.95 for a two cover set with dinette slide-out cover (popups only), $224.95 for a three cover set for three bunk Hybrids. Click here for more info....



The Original High Wind Option Solar Covers. Our middle grade with wind capacity of 14+ MPH.  $49.95 for a single cover, $99.95 for a two cover set, $124.95 for a three cover set. Click here for more info....



The Original Clamp-On Solar Covers, Our most economical set. Wind capacity of 10+ MPH. $39.95 for a single cover, $79.95 for a two cover set, $89.95 for the a three cover set. Click here for more info....


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What our customers say...from Rixey Wilcher, June 6th, 2016:

I wanted to take a minute and tell you how much we like the high-wind pop-up solar covers that we ordered. We have used them twice, most recently over the July 4th weekend in Georgia. Our camping spot was in an open field, and the daytime temperatures for the weekend were in the mid-upper 90s. Even the wind was hot. Under normal conditions we would not be able to use the camper on such a day, even with the air conditioning running. The canvas inside would be hot to the touch, preventing us from spending much time inside. With the solar covers in place the canvas was barely warm, keeping the inside much cooler and making a mid-afternoon nap possible.  The weekend was also windy, especially in the afternoon; the clamps and bungee cord held everything in place nicely.  We're very pleased with the performance of the product.













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