Don't let cold weather stop you from camping. Our Interior Bunk Liners will reduce your propane use, cut down the effects of wind on your side canvases and keep your bunks significantly warmer. Click here for more info...


Our bunk covers aren't just for summer, they will keep you warmer in the winter and help to reduce condensation problems.

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The Super High Wind Series Covers. Our best cover system. Wind capacity in excess of 25 MPH. $89.95 for a single cover, $169.95 for a two cover set, $199.95 for a two cover set with a third cover for dinette slide-outs on popups, $239.95 for a three cover set for three bunk Hybrids. Click here for more info....



The Original High Wind Option Solar Covers. Our middle grade with wind capacity of 14+ MPH.  $54.95 for a single cover, $109.95 for a two cover set, $139.95 for a three cover set. Click here for more info....



The Original Clamp-On Solar Covers, Our most economical set. Wind capacity of 10+ MPH. $39.95 for a single cover, $79.95 for a two cover set, $99.95 for the a three cover set. Click here for more info....


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What our customers say...from Brian C, November 15, 2016....


These pop-up gizmos are the cats meow...(or in other words,  the real deal)   I installed them on my pop up camper for the first time this fall.   I bow hunt in central NY for the first two weeks of November, where the temperature can range from 20 degrees to 60 degrees.  In previous years I was always dealing with a great deal of condensation and a chilly camper.  This year, with the PUG and also reflectix insulation in the window panels,  I had an extremely minor amount of condensation, always just below the 3 windows on the far bunk end,  and my Mr. Heater on low would keep the temp inside the camper 30 degrees above the outside temp, and on medium would keep it 40 degrees above the outside temp.  I tried it on high one night, but 78 degrees was a little to warm! 

  If you do any cold weather camping, I would highly recommend these pop-up gizmos.

Thanks for a product that actually works.














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